Brand Decoration: All products within this section can be branded with your company logo or message using a variety of decorating applications. Due to the ongoing advancements in branding technologies, we have given you an example of the “preferred” decoration area/s on each product displayed in this section (These should be used for guideline purposes only). Other branding positions and applications are available and should be discussed with your preferred branding company to determine what decorating application and positioning works best for your logo that delivers the maximum brand exposure possible. ,PDJHV IURP WKLV FDWDORJXH FDQQRW EH UHSURGXFHG ZLWKRXW WKH ZULWWHQ SHUPLVVLRQ RI WKH SXEOLVKHU H[FHSW E\ WKH RZQHU RU OLFHQVHH RI VXFK QDPHV DQG ORJRV :KLOVW HYHU\ HႇRUW LV PDGH WR HQVXUH WKH DFFXUDF\ of colour representation in this catalogue, they should be used as a guide only. Game Sets Leisure Entertainment Dr inkware 1 8 54 102 www.