S e c r e t s o f t h e D a u g h t e r o f T r o y Queen Margaret College is one of the oldest girls’ schools in Wellington, celebrating its 100th birthday in 2019. Named after Queen Margaret of Scotland, the school is proud of its history and its ties to a queen who is still revered throughout the world for her commitment to people. A book was always going to be part of the school’s centenary. Rather than a history of the school, however, the idea of a children’s book came up. After all, we are a school, so why not write something for our students to cherish? I was delighted to be asked to write a story based on a previous piece I had written about the Daughter of Troy statue on the school’s front lawn. The statue had been given to the school by the students to mark the school’s 50th birthday. Tying this with the story of Queen Margaret of Scotland, the school’s namesake, Secrets of the Daughter of Troy was born. Queen Margaret was a resilient leader, a quality that Queen Margaret College instils in young women today. This book is dedicated to the young women of Queen Margaret College. You are all as strong as she was. Emma McAuliffe Foreword