2 | InTouch OCTOBER 2022 ROLL 1K NEWS ROTORUA DAILY POST Seven Zorb rollers raised awareness for rare conditions in Rotorua Supporters of people with lived experience of neuromuscular conditions took part in this year’s appeal, ‘Roll 1k for MDA’. Seven supporters of people experiencing neuromuscular conditions rolled a kilometre in a Zorb ball in a bid to raise funds and awareness. This year’s Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Zealand annual appeal is ‘Roll 1k for MDA’. It is a fundraising and awareness campaign which relies on supporters rolling one kilometre on any kind of wheel. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the children and adults in New Zealand who have a lived experience of neuromuscular conditions. The term “neuromuscular condition” encompasses many genetic or acquired conditions or diseases that impair the functioning of the muscles and/or their direct nervous- system control. Suggestions for ways to roll included on a wheelchair, electric scooter, skateboard, roller-skates or push-bike. But several members came up with something a little more creative – a Zorb ball. Rolls are to be completed this month, and some of the association’s members headed to Zorb on Saturday to get the ball rolling. Seven people chose a course to roll down, including fieldworker Michael Schneider, from Auckland. His son has one of the rare conditions which falls under the association’s scope, and he said the event was to raise awareness. “We just want them to have the best chance to have the best life they can.” He said the Zorb experience, which was his first, was good. National executive chairperson Trevor Jenkin said there were about 2000 members in the association, with a few in the Bay of Plenty. He said the event, which went well, was postponed last year. Zorb sponsored the event with free tickets. While it had been “pouring” with rain, those at the event still managed to have a good time, he said. “Even watching the supporters gives them a sense of encouragement.” More events are to be held in other parts of the country during September. This included a picnic in Hamilton on Sunday. All the funds raised will go to the region they were collected in to contribute to the continuation of connecting members through events, led by the local branches. 12 Sep, 2022