South Island Colgate Games 2022 | 1 A MESSAGE FROM COLGATE-PALMOLIVE NEW ZEALAND Colgate has had a long, proud history of supporting junior athletics in New Zealand. As an oral care company, we believe everyone deserves a future to smile about and everyone has the right to a bright, problem-free smile. That’s why we’re committed to raising oral health standards everywhere. Whether it’s building healthy new habits as kids or learning something new from the experts, we’re here to give your oral health a boost. This is a key reason why Colgate’s sponsorship of the Colgate Games has continued for 44 years. Continuing on the success of last year, the Nick Willis Scholarship will be offered again for the 2022 Colgate Games. The scholarship offers aspiring young athletes financial support to help further their sporting goals and dreams, and will be awarded to the four top performing athletes at each of the Colgate Games. All the best to those representing their clubs at this year’s Colgate Games. I trust you will enjoy the competition and participation this weekend and remember: keep sharing your smiles, we need them more than ever. #SmileStrong, stay safe & enjoy the 2022 Colgate Games. Best regards, John Garside General Manager Colgate-Palmolive New Zealand