South Island Colgate Games 2022 | 25 CODE OF BEHAVIOUR Competitors  Take part for your own enjoyment and learning. Your success or failure at this competition does not indicate your future.  Abide by the rules, Athletics has a set of constraints that keep it fair for everyone.  Control your temper, never argue with officials or other adults who are here to help you.  Work equally hard for yourself and for your Club.  Be a good sport and treat others as you would like to be treated.  Co-operate with your coach, team-mates, opponents and officials. Without them there would be no meeting.  Show respect for the equipment and facilities.  When you go home, first take memories of a great time. Results and medals come second. Managers, Coaches, Parents, Supporters  Remember, children and young people are involved in organised sport for their enjoyment, not yours.  Childhood success is not a reliable indicator of adult success in our sport. Focus on effort and performance rather than the outcome.  Everybody develops differently; competition is part of the development progression.  Let children learn; coaches and officials are valuable teachers.  Encourage children to abide by the rules.  Please don’t embarrass your children by making poor decisions about your own behaviour.  Officials are human and sometimes they make mistakes, but without them we wouldn’t be here. Be courteous and put yourself in their position, it isn’t easy. If you disagree with an official, raise the issue through the appropriate channel (your Team Manager) rather than question the official in public.  Recognise the value and importance of volunteer managers, coaches and officials. They give their time and resources to provide sports activities for children. Please remember, many of them are parents temporarily performing a different function.  Abuse will not be tolerated here. This includes verbal slanging, racial remarks or physical altercations.