South Island Colgate Games 2022 | 24 GUIDE TO SAFE COMPETING During the next few days of competing, the following guidelines will help you to prevent injury and exhaustion. 1. Make sure you drink frequently during the day, small (if it’s cold) or larger (if it’s hot) amounts of water and diluted fruit juice 2. Don’t have large meals or high fat snacks (chips, pies etc) during the day while you are still competing. It will slow you down! Stick to frequent small snacks i.e. dried fruit, sandwiches with plain filling (e.g. honey or jam) and no or little margarine, or try a banana. 3. Warm up properly before each event e.g. five to ten minutes of easy jogging followed by some dynamic stretches. A good warm up will result in a light sweat just before the start line of your event 4. Following your event make sure you cool down, similar to your warm up. Easy jogging, followed by some static stretches. It will help you recover faster before the next event 5. On a grass track competing on bare feet is fine. Always wear protective footwear on an artificial track as running barefoot can cause injury and burning of the soles of the feet Most importantly, we hope you enjoy the 2022 Colgate Games.