South Island Colgate Games 2022 | 13 MEETING RULES 1. GENERAL (i) Where not specifically set out in these rules, the Athletics New Zealand rules will apply. (ii) Only Meeting Officials should be in the centre of the Arena. (iii) Every effort will be made to ensure the programme runs to time and in the order laid down. However, the Organising Committee reserves the right to make any alterations it deems necessary. The Organising Committee also reserves the right to allow the programme to run up to 30 minutes early if the situation arises. 2. COMPETITION NUMBERS Each child will be given a competition number which is to be pinned to the front of their singlet for the duration of the Colgate Games. Failure to do so will mean an athlete may not be able to compete. Each athlete will have an identification label put onto their competition bib which will have the athlete’s name, club, grade, and the events for which he or she has entered. 3. UNIFORMS (i) All athletes must complete in club/team uniform including correct name if applicable. (ii) Any visible garment worn under the uniform must be black, white or the dominant colour of the uniform. (iii) Only visible writing allowable is manufacturer’s branding. (iv) Franchise shorts are not permissible during competition e.g. NRL Shorts. (v) Where religious beliefs require an alternative uniform, this is to be allowed. 4. TEAM PACKS Team Packs will be made up for Team Managers to collect after 1.00pm on the Thursday afternoon before the Games begin. They will include Relay Team Confirmation Sheets, Competitor Numbers, Team Managers name tags and ribbons, along with small safety pins for name tags and ribbons, pre-ordered programmes, discount vouchers and any products provided by sponsors. 5. ENTRIES Entries to individual events for any athlete, cannot be changed from those in the Programme, other than under the following circumstances: