10 O T A G O L AW M A G A Z I N E Riverlands Chambers lawyer Elizabeth Bulger describes her 34-year-career as “rewarding, surprising and varied” – a great outcome, says the 1987 Law and Arts graduate, because she initially didn’t want to study Law. I didn’t always want to be a lawyer, or at least, I didn’t think I did. I had always loved talking, and debating, and deliberately taking the opposite point of view even if it wasn’t what I really thought. But I always imagined I would have a job in the Foreign Service, living somewhere like Paris or Brussels and travelling on a diplomatic passport to faraway places and brokering important deals. I never sawmyself addressing a jury or advocating for the least restrictive outcome available for a recidivist burglar or aggravated robber, working in the trenches of the District Court. And I certainly never imagined that nearly 34 years later, I would be looking back on a career in the law that has been rewarding, surprising and varied. In 1982 I embarked on Legal System with an openmind as to what the future beyond university might hold. But something deep inside me was stirring, particularly in the lectures given Blue and gold forever! Elizabeth Bulger