2 Leave a legacy of hope for children with cancer Finding out your child has cancer turns your life upside down Planning your estate is a hugely important task; it defines the legacy you leave for the future. Making a gift in your will to support the work of Child Cancer Foundation leaves the legacy of a future in which all Kiwi children with cancer and their families receive life-changing support when they need it most. Every year, more than a third of the funds we need to support families is donated by people who make a gift in their wills. That is why making a gift in your will is so important. Without people like you we can’t provide the support these children and families need. It happens to more than three Kiwi families every week. None of them ever thought it would happen to their child. Cancer doesn’t care about these children or their families. Child Cancer Foundation does. We support them every step of the way, whatever the outcome, for however long it takes. We focus on the family, not the cancer. No two families’ experiences are the same, and neither is the support they need. One thing is always the same: we support every family so they can concentrate on the most important thing of all, loving and caring for their sick child. We can’t do this alone. The generosity of our fellow Kiwis ensures we can help these families when they need it most. We all do this, together.